Wednesday (June 29th, 2016)

Hi family and friends!

We had another full day here at Ox Lake! This morning, we participated in several “Growing Green Hearts” science-based activities including paper making, building a watershed, and testing the water quality in a nearby stream. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about God’s green earth!

IMG_5501 IMG_5510 IMG_5513 IMG_5516 IMG_5517 IMG_5519

After lunch, we tackled several elements on the high ropes course! For dinner, we had a special activity planned: Hunger Banquet. At the Hunger Banquet, the campers were able to experience the way that food is unevenly distributed in our world.

Our “upper class” campers for the night. These campers ate inside, were served their food, had plenty to eat AND drink. 
Here’s our “middle class” campers for the night. These campers ate food assembly line style but their portions were smaller. They had access to water, but had to walk to it. 
Finally, our “low class” campers for the night. These campers ate food assembly line style too, but their portions of rice and beans were much smaller. They were not offered something to drink. 

After our dinner experiment, campers and counselors discussed their experience. After discussion, they were offered food if they wanted to eat some more. After dinner, we had evening canteen, tie dye, special prayer worship, and campfire! Tomorrow is our last full day with our cabins! Our week is flying by! Check in tomorrow for more updates!

Tuesday (June 28th, 2016)

Tuesday was a big day for us! We had a canoeing trip down the St. Croix River- 7 miles! Afterwards, we got a sweet treat, and went to a nearby water fall to cool off! We ended our busy day with field games, canteen, campfire & devotions!

Before we set off on our journey, counselor Haley gave us a canoe orientation!

IMG_5449 IMG_5453 IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5470


Thanks for reading! Check in again for updates on today (Wednesday) and tomorrow’s activities!

Monday (June 27th, 2016)

Hi families and friends!

We have had a busy day today! This morning after breakfast we had chapel and then headed to the front for horseback riding, gaga, and bible study! We lunch at the front too and then did some low ropes team building activities with our cabins. The rest of our night was spent doing canteen, field games (Medic), cabin time, canteen at the village, campfire, and devotions before bed!

At this morning’s chapel, we introduced today’s theme: Just Pray!
We did Bible study in our cabin groups!

One of our counselors from Hong Kong taught us a hand clap game… check out this video… IMG_5441

Horseback riding was so much fun!
We loved it!
It was fun to play gaga this morning and have church staff join in!
One of our team building activities this afternoon was the monster shirt activity. The campers have to put on the “monster shirt” and complete various tasks together.

Thanks for checking in… Yesterday’s blog is coming up soon…!

Sunday (June 26th, 2016)

Hi families!

We had a fun time settling in last night. After registration, we walked to the village and got to know how everything works (using the bathroom, cleaning up meals, & using first aid). After that, we had a pasta bar for supper and then Bible study. Then, we played a camp classic, Mighty Mighty! We ended the night with campfire and then devotions with our cabins.

In Mighty Mighty, campers have to race to the other side of the field to grab objects and bring them back to their side before getting tagged by their opponents!
Mighty Mighty was tons of fun!
At campfire, we sang a few camp classics and a few new songs. We also saw a skit which introduced the theme for the week, Adventure in Prayer!

Today, we have a lot of fun in store: horseback riding, gaga, Bible study, low ropes, canteen, campfire and more! Check back in later for the Monday update!

Summer 2016 has begun!

Welcome to the Summer of 2016 at Ox Lake!  We are excited to be hosting TIM Teamers and Ox Lake Campers this summer.  There are a lot of really awesome things in store for our campers.  You can catch all the action right here on our blog.  Bring on the campers!

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